To return merchandise, please complete the form below. Do not return merchandise before you have received the Oracode RMA number via email from Kaba.

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Defective Product(s) Information

Property Information (where locking system is physically installed)

Note: RMA details will be sent to the above email address. Please make sure it is valid.

Shipping Information

For Off-Warranty product(s), all return shipping options will be invoiced to your account.

For Warranty product(s): Standard Ground freight is included, any other return shipping method will be invoiced to your account.

Payment Information

If you have established N30 day terms with Kaba, please skip to "Serial Number Information" section. Otherwise please fill out the credit card information below.

Note: A confirmation of costs will be emailed along with RMA number and shipping address. Payment will only be processed upon receipt of the products at Kaba's repair facility.

Serial Number Information

For each product you wish to return:

1. Type in the part # and the serial # indicated on the product label

2. For each product supply a brief description of the symptoms, this will be used to diagnose the malfunction.

Note: Incomplete information will cause delay in the process of your RMA request. Items not listed on this form will be returned unrepaired at customer's cost.

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Additional RMA Item(s)

If you have additional item(s) for RMA, insert info here (serial #'s, description of problems, reason of return, etc.)

Please expect at least 24-48hrs to receive your RMA number. Do not return merchandise before you have received an RMA number via email from Kaba.

For Emergency RMA request please call us directly using the number listed under the "Services & Support" section above.

I hereby agree that Kaba Ilco Inc. A Member of the Kaba Group may contact me through email regarding this RMA request (this is required)